Judge Orders Toddler to Undergo Cosmetic Circumcision Surgery Against Mother’s Wishes

Judge Orders Toddler to Undergo Cosmetic Circumcision Surgery Against Mother's Wishes

Judge orders toddler to be circumcised against mother’s wishes

Please spread this as far and wide as you can! This is a huge injustice!

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My goal as a parent

by Kallen

My goal as a parent is to raise a kind, well adjusted adult. Just like lots of parents. I think it’s so important to be a good example, because you are. Always. I’m hyper conscious of the fact that my daughter is always watching me. This has been illustrated most recently by her attempts to pinch my chin after watching me pop a zit. Gross right? Also really painful to be continuously punched by tiny fingers. I try to set a good example in everything I do, emulating the qualities I want to see in her. I try to focus on the fact that I’m raising an adult not raising a child. I want her to do the right thing because it is right, not for fear of pain or punishment; it’s why we’re a punishment free household. No spanking, yelling, or other forms of discipline. I’m not perfect, I yell on a rare occasion. It’s hard to rewire your brain. Our society touts spanking as the only way to “control” your kids. But I don’t want to control her. I want to foster her wonder and joy in life. I frequently think of something Adam Sandler says in Big Daddy (I know, excellent parenting resource right?) Anyway, he says something like do whatever you want, and I’ll show you some cool stuff along the way. While I definitely don’t let her do whatever she wants, I let her do probably 85% of whatever she wants. As long as it isn’t overly dangerous or disruptive, I don’t mind, and I show her lots of cool stuff along the way!
To me, this is what parenting is supposed to be. I must be doing something right because at 16 months, my daughter is kind, gentle, says thank you without promoting (sometimes), is helpful, outgoing, cleans up after herself, etc etc. I’m a very proud mom, both of her and of myself.

Taking out my IUD

by Kallen


First off, let me give credit to this blog post. I read it pre removal, and my story is extremely similar in the end.
If you’re not comfortable with your body, I suggest you don’t read any further. I’m going to use terms like vagina, and cervix *gasp*. Also, I’m not a doctor and this shouldn’t be viewed as medical advice.

My husband and I have been discussing having another baby. My daughter is 16 months old now, and I’ve been craving another little squish to cuddle. While in my quest for advice, a friend told me “if you feel a little soul tugging on your heart, asking for a space in your belly, listen. ” that was it for me, decision made. The only problem was that I had an iud. I’d had the Paraguard placed last August, and had no issues. But after making the decision to take it out, I NEEDED it out. Like now. Suddenly the thought of the foreign object in my body made my skin crawl. It wasn’t about deciding to try for #2, it was about the iud itself.
I contacted my midwife and asked if she could remove it for me. As a side note, I see my midwife for everything I can. If I never had to see another doctor, I’d be thrilled. Anyway, she told me she could do it. For various reasons, I didn’t know when I’d be able to make it in to her office. As my desperation to have it out rose, I asked if it was something I could do myself. She said yes but it was difficult. I also consulted Google (hence the aforementioned blog) and found that lots of women remove them at home. The difficulty seemed to be in holding onto the strings since they’re slippery with *cough* fluid *cough*. I thought it was probably easier to see if I could get my husband to do it. He was really unsure at first, not wanting to cause any damage by removing it ourselves. In the end he agreed to give it a go.
My cervix sits really low at this point in my cycle, so that was helpful. He reached in and felt around for the strings. My husband really enjoys learning new things, and was fascinated by how my cervix felt. I was cracking up, both from the absurdity of the situation and his face while he concentrated. Our daughter in the meantime, was sitting next to me overseeing closely. She was there when it was placed too, so I suppose it’s fitting.
After a while, my husband managed to grab it and I could feel it sliding down. But he had trouble getting it out so he went to see if he could come up with a new plan. He thought tweezers might help, but I was uncomfortable with that possibility. I gave it a try, and pulled it out on the first go. It was so easy! I didn’t feel any pain, and haven’t had any spotting.
It was so weird to see this little piece of metal and plastic that had been inside me for so long. It looks so innocuous it’s hard to believe something that small could prevent pregnancy. So we threw it away, and have officially removed the only barrier to adding to our family.
We haven’t told anyone that we took it out, or that we’re letting fate make the decision. It could be next month or a year from now. As of right now, we’re not actively trying, more just not preventing it.

Sorry for the tmi post. I hope it helps if you’re trying to decide if you can remove your own IUD. I also hope you check in to follow my baby journey. Eventually there will be a homebirth post, and a bunch of equally hippie esque things like placenta encapsulation. Fun!