Welcome to the Naturally Good Parents blog!

We started up as a very small Facebook page in late 2012. Our goal then was to bring more awareness to important parenting knowledge that, although natural, is no longer instinctual, and seems to be lost among mainstream parenting. More than a year later, we have grown into a cozy community with over 1,500 fans! While our facebook page has information and neat things we find to share, we want our blog to cover our personal lives as well.

Who are we? We are Shanna and Aubry, sisters! (kinda) Our husbands are brothers so we are friends AND family! This blog is a little window into our fun, crazy, sometimes hectic, adventurous life!

A little about Shanna

  • I have 5 kids: the Horse (daughter;11), the Monkey (daughter;9), the Dog (son;7), the Ox (son;4), and the Dragon (son;1). -My family likes the Chinese Zodiac because my kids’ characters are spot-on. (Don’t worry, that’s not what we named them.)
  • My little Ox was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, Amyoplasia (or Hall’s Contractures, for short). If you want to know more about Hall’s Contractures go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthrogryposis
  • We unschool! Unschooling is fantastic!
  • I’ve been following a paleo diet as of November 2013. I’m never going back.
  • I am what would be classified as “crunchier than grapenuts”. 🙂
  • My husband and I practice Attachment Parenting but I’m a little further along in my journey than he is. You’re doing great, Honey!
  • I’m so excited to begin sharing all our little adventures and memories; let’s see if you all like them as much as we do!

A little about Aubry

  • I am a stay at home wife/mommy also known as house hold six (my husband is in the army so we get a lot of acronyms here.)
  • I married my best friend and now we are doing this family thing attachment parenting style.
  • We have 2 monsters… I mean boys… Our oldest, Bubba, is 6 and our youngest, Wumon, is 9 months.
  • For me attachment parenting is what comes naturally, and I didn’t even really know it was a thing until I was pregnant with wumon.
  • My hubby has to work more at it but he does a wonderful job!
  • I like to refer to myself as a “crunchy hemp granola earth momma” and try to live as self sufficiently, greenly, frugally, and family oriented as possible.
  • I can’t wait to start sharing our life and adventures with y’all.

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